n July 2003 Hamilton County went on-line with their new 800 MHz Motorola Astro APCO-25 (Digital) 9600 baud
trunked radio system. Currently there only three scanners on the market capable to monitor this system.
For more information and a profile of the new system click on the link below.

Hamilton County TRS

Cincinnati Fire continues to use UHF while they build an 800 MHz TRS that will tie into
Hamilton County's system. Hamilton County continues to use their VHF low band frequencies at this time.



RADIO ID              ID        DESCRIPTION

UC AIRCARE A/B AR    Helicopters used to treat and transport the sick or
                     injured by air. A is Aircare 1, B is Aircare 2

BOAT           B     A water craft with or without a pump, hose, nozzles,and rescue
                     or search equipment used for fire fighting or water rescue incidents.

BRUSH          BR    A unit designed specially for fighting ground cover fires.

BOMB UNIT      BU    A unit designed specifically for neutralizing and transporting
                     explosive  devices.

CAR            C     A staff vehicle

CRASH RESCUE   CR    A specialized unit designed to handle fires and accidents involving
                     aircraft, that usually embodies special extinguishing capability
                     for handling large fires involving  flammable liquids.

ENGINE         E     A fire attack apparatus containing a water supply, attack and
                     supply lines, pump,and related equipment. May also contain advanced
                     life support, equipment and supplies, and related equipment, or
                     specialized rescue equipment.

FOAM           F     A support unit that transports extra quantities of fire fighting
                     foam and related equipment.

FUEL           FT    A support unit with one or more fuel tanks whose primary purpose
                     is to refuel apparatus at emergency incidents.

HAZMAT         HZ    A unit containing specialized equipment for detecting,
                     neutralizing, and decontaminating incidents involving
                     hazardous materials.

LADDER         L     A fire attack apparatus containing an aerial device, ground ladders,
                     forcible entry and ventilation tools, and related equipment.

MOBILE AIR     MA    A support unit for on site filling of the breathing air supply
                     to self contained breathing apparatus cylinders.

MEDIC          M     A unit used for advanced life support patient treatment.
                     May be used for patient transport.

QUINT          Q     A fire attack apparatus having an aerial ladder in addition to
                     a water tank, hose, pump, and ground ladders. May also contain advanced
                     life support, equipment, and supplies, and related equipment
                     or specialized rescue equipment.

RESCUE         R     A unit containing specialized rescue equipment, and in some
                     departments providing air supply, lighting, or other special services.

SQUAD          S     A unit for basic life support treatment and patient transportation.

SNORKEL        SN    A fire attack apparatus equipped with an articulating boom, ground
                     ladders, forcible entry and ventilation tools, and related equipment
                     that may or may not have a pump.

SUPPORT        SU    Any unit designed to provide supplemental functions at an incident
                     command posts,  communications, computers, and reference systems.

TOWER          T     A fire attack apparatus containing an aerial device with a platform,
                     ground ladders, forcible entry and ventilation tools, and related

TRENCH         TR    A unit containing specialized equipment for below ground and confined
                     space rescues.

TANKER         WT    A unit with a water tank whose primary purpose is transporting water.
                     The unit may also carry a pump, hose and other related equipment

OFFICER KEY (use with station prefix, multiple stations use lowest station number)

01                                      CHIEF

02-09, 11-19, 21-29, 31-39, 41-49       COMMAND OFFICERS

51-59                                   MEDICAL OFFICERS

61-69                                   ADMINISTRATIVE/SUPPORT

71                                      FIRST RESPONDERS

72-79, 81-89, 91-99                     ADMINISTRATIVE/SUPPORT



1      ADDYSTON                198 MAIN STREET                 E01, S01
4      AMBERLEY                7149 RIDGE                      E04, E204
6      ANDERSON TOWNSHIP       7954 BEECHMONT AV               Q06, M06, R06, TR06, B06,
                                                               B206, B306, Bike 6, Bike 206
10     ANDERSON TOWNSHIP       6211 SALEM AV                   E10, M10, M210, HZ10, BR10,
                                                               B10, SU10
11     ARLINGTON HEIGHTS       601 ELLIOTT AV                  E11, E211, S11, A11, R11, R211
13     BLUE ASH                4343 COOPER RD                  E13, E213, L13, M13, S13,
                                                               S213, S313, R13, HZ13,
                                                               CAR 1374, CAR 1375
15     BLUE ASH                10647 KENWOOD RD                E15, E215, COMMAND 400
16     CHEVIOT                 3814 HARRISON AV                E16, L16, S16, S216,
22     CLEVES                  101 N.MIAMI                     E22, E222, S22, R22
25     COLERAIN TWP            3251 SPRINGDALE RD              E25, L25, M25, S25, S225,
                                                               WT25, SU25, CAR 2574
26     COLERAIN TWP            3360 W GALBRAITH RD             E26, E226, M26, R26, S26,
                                                               S226, WT26
27     CROSBY TWP              6985 RIVER RD                   E27, S27, WT27, SU27
28     CROSBY TWP              9139 BAUGHMAN RD                E28, S28, WT28
33     DELHI TWP               697 NEEB RD                     E33, Q33, M33, S33, S233,
                                                               R33, CAR 3371A, CAR 3371B
36     DELHI TWP               388 GREENWELL RD                E36, S36, M36
39     ELMWOOD PLACE           301 OAK ST                      E39, E239, L39, S39
40     EVENDALE                10500 READING RD                E40, E240, T40, S40, M40,
                                                               SU40, B40
41     FAIRFAX/MADISON PLACE   5903 HAWTHORN AV                E41, R41
42     FOREST PARK             1201 W KEMPER RD                E42, E242, Q42, M42, M242,
                                                               CAR 4251
43     FOREST PARK             11240 SOUTHLAND RD              E43, M43  HZ43
44     FOREST PARK             1970 WAYCROSS RD                NOT IN SERVICE, Spare Squad
45     GLENDALE                80 E SHARON RD                  E45, E245, R45
47     GOLF MANOR              6450 WEIHE RD                   E47, M47, M247, Q47, SU47,
                                                               CAR 4771 (BLS non-transport),
                                                               CAR 47 (BLS non-transport)
48     GREENHILLS              11000 WINTON RD                 E48, E248, M48, R48, S48,
                                                               S248, B48, CAR 4871
53     GREEN TWP               6303 HARRISON AVE               E53, M53, Q53, CAR 5377
54     GREEN TWP               6120 BRIDGETOWN RD              E54, M54
55     GREEN TWP               5410 AUDRO AVE                  E55, M55, F55
56     HARRISON                200 HARRISON AVE                E56, E256, M56, S56, S256,
                                                               R56, BR56
57     HARRISON                10250 WEST RD                   E57, Q57, S57, S257, WT57,
58     LINCOLN HEIGHTS         1201 STEFFENS ST                E58, E258, Q58, S58, S258
59     LOCKLAND                101 N COOPER AVE                E59, E259, Q59, R59,
                                                               S59, S259
60     LOVELAND/SYMMES         9425 LOVELAND-MADIERA RD        E60, M60, R60, SU60, BR60,
                                                               B60, B260, B360
61     LOVELAND/SYMMES         11949 MASON RD                  E61, L61, M61
62     LOVELAND/SYMMES         127 S LEBANON RD                E62, L62, M62
63     LOVELAND/SYMMES         100 E LOVELAND AV               E63, E263, M63
64     MADEIRA/INDIAN HILL     6475 DRAKE RD                   E64, E264, R64
65     MADEIRA/INDIAN HILL     7205 MIAMI AV                   E65, Q65, M65, M265
66     LITTLE MIAMI FIRE       6904 MURRAY                     E66, Q66, S66, S266,
       and RESCUE                                              M66A, M66B, CAR 6661
67     MARIEMONT               6907 WOOSTER RD                 E67, Q67, S67
68     MIAMI TWP 1             10000 MT NEBO RD                E68, M68, BR68, B68
69     MIAMI TWP 2             4938 E MIAMI RIVER RD           E69, R69, S69, WT69
70     MIAMI TWP 3             3780 SHADY LN                   E70, E270, R70, S70
71     MILFORD                 687 RT 50                       E71, E271, L71, M71, B71,
                                                               SU71, BR71
72     MILFORD                 18 MAIN ST                      E72
73     MONTGOMERY              10150 MONTGOMERY RD             E73, Q73, M73, M273, R73, SU73
74     MT HEALTHY              7700 PERRY ST                   E74, E274, S74, S274, SU74,
                                                               CAR 7471
75     SPRINGFIELD TWP         10335 BURLINGTON RD             E75, M75, M275, M375,
                                                               SN75, CAR 7571 (1st Responder)

76     LITTLE MIAMI FIRE       3537 CHURCH ST                  E76, Q76, R76, S76, B76, B276, B376
       and RESCUE
77     MIAMI TWP               21 TAYLOR ST                    E77, R27
78     N. COLLEGE HILL         1646 W GALBRAITH RD             E78, R78, S78, S278, T78,
                                                               CAR 7871 (1st Responder)
79     SPRINGFIELD TWP         8375 WINTON RD                  E79, Q79, M79, M279, R79,
                                                               CAR 7971 (1st Responder),
                                                               CAR 7981, Car 7984 (Command)
80     SPRINGFIELD TWP         9684 WINTON RD                  E80, E280
81     SPRINGFIELD TWP         777 NORTH BEND RD               E81
83     READING                 1000 MARKET ST                  E83, E283, M83, S83, R83, HZ83
84     READING                 601 COLUMBIA AV                 E84, S84, T84
85     DEER PARK               4250 MATSON                     E85, E285, L85, S85, SU85
86     SHARONVILLE             11210 READING RD                E86, T86, M86, M286, R86, S86,
87     SHARONVILLE             1881 CRESCENTVILLE RD           E87, Spare Squad
88     SHARONVILLE             7150 FIELDS ERTEL RD            E88
89     DEER PARK/SILVERTON     6860 PLAINFIELD RD???           E89, E289, L89, S89, S289,
                                                               SU89, SU289, CAR 89
90     SPRINGDALE              12147 LAWNVIEW                  E90/R90, E290, E390, T90, M90,
                                                               M290, M390, U90
91     ST BERNARD              5116 VINE ST                    E91, E291, E391, T91, M91,
                                                               M291, SU91
92     SYCAMORE TWP            8540 KENWOOD RD                 E92, Q92, M92, M292, F92,
                                                               HZ92, CAR 9271
93     SYCAMORE TWP            11745 SOLZMAN RD                E93, Q93, M93
94     TERRACE PARK            428 ELM RD                      E94, E294, R94, S94
95     WHITEWATER TWP          311 OHIO AV                     E95, S95, S295, B95
96     WOODLAWN                10121 SPRINGFIELD PK            E96, E296, Q96, S96, S296,
                                                               SU96, B96
97     WYOMING                 600 GROVE AV                    E97, E297, M97, Q97, R97, S97
100    ANDERSON TWP            8330 BROADWELL                  E100, F100
101    ANDERSON TWP            6880 HUNLEY                     E101, S101, DECON 101
102    COLERAIN TWP            11147 COLERAIN AV               E102, BR102, B102
103    COLERAIN TWP            6000 THOMPSON RD                E103, B103
104    WHITEWATER TWP          STEPHENS RD                     E104, WT104
105    WHITEWATER TWP          3708 ST. RT. 128                E105, M105, R105, S105, WT105
106    WHITEWATER TWP          11000 BOND RD                   E106
107    GREEN TWP               2280 SYLVED AV                  E107, M107, SU107


COMMAND 400 is the Fire Incident Command Vehicle based at Station 15 (Blue Ash),
it can be requested by any fire agency and has a response time of 1 hour.
Station numbers 30, and 99 are unused at this time.

Station 44 in Forest Park is not in service.
Station 98 has been sold and is no longer in service.
Station 77 (formerly North Bend) has been sold to Miami Township FD.


F1               33.900/33.580       Dispatch                              KQI 316


Most Fire Departments in Hamilton County have their own fireground frequencies also.

There are 8 Fire Departements that operate in the central Valley area of Hamilton County as listed here:

Amberley Village    -    Station  4
Deer Park           -    Station  85
Elmwood Place       -    Station  39
Golf Manor          -    Station  47
Reading             -    Stations 83 & 84
Silverton           -    Station  89
St. Bernard         -    Station  91
Wyoming             -    Station  97

These Stations are dispatched and operate on the following frequencies

158.760    Valley Fire Ch. 1
158.865    Valley Fire Ch. 2


In January 1999 the North Bend Fire Department disbanded. They have sold the fire station (Station 77) to Miami Township FD and now contract them for coverage.

Anderson Township frequently rotates apparatus. At various times they may place a Quint  at Station 101 and use the radio ID of Quint 101. They also rotate Engines at times.

Bike Unit 6 is a Medic Mountain bike, Bike 206 is an EMT Mountain Bike. Anderson Township  is one of the first departments in Greater Cincinnati to utilize bikes, they are used  both as operational tools and public relations.

Station 102 has 1 spare engine, spare squad A, spare squad B.

Station 103 has 2 waverunners A, and B.

Crosby Township, Station 27 has automatic mutual-aid for the federal Fernald Fire Department  which is located inside Crosby Township at the Fernald Clean-up site. They use the radio IDs of Engine 227, Squad 227, Tanker 227, Rescue 227, Rescue 27, Trench 27, Hazmat 27, Air 27.

Station 89 is the NEW Deer Park/Silverton Joint Fire Department not yet in operation.  As soon as the new firehouse is complete the joint department will start operating.

Delhi Township, Station 33 has a Heavy Rescue/Trench Rescue/Special Operations Trailer. It has no radio ID at this time.

Fairfax/Madison Place has "officially" formed a joint department.

Station 92 is the home of the new Hamilton County Urban Search and Rescue Task Force(USAR). They are in the process of getting one or two trucks fully operational.

Station 98 (Sycamore Twp.) 8579 Lancaster Avenue has been sold and is no longer in service.

Medic 56 (Harrison) and Medic 105 (Whitewater Twp.) are medics for the Western Joint  Ambulance District in western Hamilton County.

158.760 is shared among the local Police Departments and other local services.

158.760 is used as simplex by all departments except Silverton. They have the only repeater on the frequency 158.760/153.860.



2            18 E.SEYMORE AV 16                 E2, L2,
                                                Extra Engine 2 (spare)

3            331 E. 9TH ST 02                   E3, L3, A3, F3, B3, B203,
                                                District 1

5            8 E.MCMICKEN 10                    E5, Spare-engine

7            2058 SUTTON AV 30                  E7, Recovery Boat 7

8            5901 MONTOGOMERY 13                E8, Extra Rescue 38 (Spare)

9            4017 READING RD 29                 E9, A9, Extra Ambulance 9

12           3001 SPRING GROVE 14               E12, A12, Mobile Command,
                                                Extra Ambulance 3 (spare),
                                                Extra Ambulance 12 (spare)

14           430 CENTRAL AV 02                  E14, L14, R14 (ALS),
                                                S52 (Heavy Rescue/Hazmat),
                                                M.A.C. 1 (Air/Hazmat),
                                                E14B (Bomb Unit),
                                                Recovery Boat 14,

                                                EMS Cart 14, Extra Rescue 14

17           2101 W. 8TH ST 04                  E17, L17, A17, F17,
                                                Light Plant 17,

                                                Recovery Boat 17, Extra
                                                Ambulance 17,
District 2

18           478 WILMER AV 26                   E18, L18, WT18, CR18, B18,
                                                Recovery Boat 18,
                                                EMS Cart 18,

                                                Crash Rescue 1,
                                                Fuel Transport,
Safe House
                                                (Safety Education Trailer),

                                                Extra Engine 18 (spare),
                                                Extra Ladder 18 A
                                                Extra Ladder 18 B (spare),

                                                Extra Squad 52 (spare)

19           2814 VINE ST 19                    E19, L19, A19

20           1668 BLUE ROCK 23                  E20, L20, District 3

21           2131 STATE AV 14                   E21, L21

23           1623 MADISON RD 06                 E23, L23, A23

24           4526 GLENWAY AV 05                 E24, L24, R24 (ALS)

29           564 W LIBERTY ST 14                E29, L29,
                                                Training Bureau Engine,

                                                Training Bureau Ladder

31           4401 MARBURG AV 09                 E31, L31

32           650 FOREST AV 29                   E32, L32, R32
                                                (EMS Supervisor),

                                                Extra Engine 32 (spare),
                                                Extra Ladder 32 (spare),
                                                Extra Resuce 46 (spare)

34           301 LUDLOW AV 20                   E34, Extra Engine 34 (spare)

35           3002 JUNIETTA AV 11                E35

37           310 LILLIENTHAL AV 04              E37, Recovery Boat 37,
                                                Extra Engine 37 (spare)

38           725 CIRCLE AV 32                   E38, R38 (ALS)

46           2731 ERIE AV 08                    E46, R46 (ALS)

49           5917 PRENTICE ST 27                E49

50           6560 PARKLAND 33                   E50, Recovery Boat 50

51           1654 MARLOW AV 24                  E51

52           5TH AND CENTRAL 02                 R52


The numbers following the addresses for Cincinnati Fire Stations are the last two digits of the zip code
with 452  as the prefix.

Station numbers 30 and 99 are unused at this time.



Ch. 1          458.250          Simplex - FIREGROUND (simplex)

Ch. 2          458.475          Simplex - FIREGROUND (simplex)

Ch. 3          460.625          Repeater - CAR TO CAR (repeater)

Ch. 4          460.600          Repeater - PRIMARY (repeater)

154.310                            FD Paging

460.550                            Ch. 7     Command

458.4625                          FD Haz-Mat Team Earcomm microphones

857.2625                         CFD High Rise Repeater Ch. 1

858.2625                         CFD High Rise Repeater Ch. 2

The High Rise Repeater System is located in every building in Hamilton County over 6 Floors.


82         NORWOOD        4725 MONTGOMERY RD          E82, E282, E382, L82, M82, S82, S282, SU82

FREQUENCY:                460.575/465.575          KQK 570

FERNALD FIRE DEPARTMENT   (Federal Fire Department for the Fernald Clean-up Site)

Unit 311 (Engine 227), Unit 312 (Engine), Unit 313 (Engine), Unit 331 (Squad 227),
Unit 332 (Life Squad), Unit 301 (Rescue 27), Trench 27, Unit 328 (Hazmat 27),
Unit 322 (Tanker 227), Air 27

Units in parentheisis are Hamilton County Fire Radio IDs.

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