The Hamilton County Communications Center is located on U.S. Route 127 (Hamilton Ave.) just south of I-275 (their antenna tower can be easily seen from 275). The communications center is staffed and run by the Hamilton County Commission, the dispatchers are not members of the Sheriff's office. The dispatch room is manned by 5 dispatchers, 4 of which dispatch for the Sheriff's Office, while the fifth dispatches fire for the various community fire departments. The dispatch room also contains the Emergency 911 phone operators who take the emergency calls. For communication purposes Hamilton County is divided in to 3 sectors as follows:

EAST SECTOR          -       Clermont County line to U.S. Route 42 (Reading Rd.)

CENTRAL SECTOR -        U.S. Route 42 to U.S. Route 127 (Hamilton Ave.)

WEST SECTOR         -        U.S. Route 127 to the Indiana State line

These sectors run south from the Butler/Warren County lines to the City of Cincinnati Corporation line.

Hamilton County Police service unit numbers use I-75 as an east/west dividing line.

In July 2003 Hamilton County went on-line with their new 800 MHz Motorola APCO-25 9600 Baud trunked radio system.
Currently there are only three scanners on the market capable of monitoring this system. For more information click on the
link to go to the Hamilton County TRS page.

Hamilton County TRS

For all intent and puposes Hamilton has left their old 460 (UHF) frequencies. Only utilizing
460.500 Ch. 6 Area Wide for communicating to Cincinnati Police. For reference here is their old
UHF system:


Ch.  1    460.025/465.025      East Dispatch
          460.400/465.400      Central Dispatch
          460.1750/465.175     West Dispatch

Ch.  2    Ch 1 Output Low Power Simplex Car to Car (without repeater)

Ch.  3    460.300/465.300      Inquiry

Ch.  4    460.350/465.350      Valley Frequency,

Ch.  5    460.500  Simplex "Talkaround" Low Power Car to Car

Ch.  6    460.500/465.500   Area Wide (County wide repeater)

Ch.  7    Secondary (Nearby dispatch East, West, or Central)

Ch.  8    Ch 7 Output Low Power Simplex Car to Car (without repeater)

Some departments do not utilize, nor have all 8 channels.


The Hamilton County Radio Unit Designators consists of 4 characters as follows: Number-(N1), Letter-(L), Number-(N2), Number-(N3). The first number (N1) represents the service area, or sector as listed:

4XXX         Police Service                              (East Zone)

5XXX         Police Service                              (East, Central Zones, Valley)

6XXX         Communications/Special Services

7XXX         Police Service                              (West, Central Zones, Valley)

8XXX         Police Service                              (West Zone)

9XXX         Hamilton County Sheriff's Office

The second character (L1) will consist of a letter of the alphabet (Hamilton Co. does not use "I" or "O"), and will represent a specific community or area within a particular sector or service area/zone, except 6XXX Communications/Special Services and 9XXX HCSO which use the L1 designator as follows:


 6A10 - 6A99     Hamilton County Communications

 6B10 - 6B99     Hamilton County Bailiffs

 6C10 - 6C99     Hamilton County Coroner

 6D10 - 6D99     Hamilton County Communications Dispatchers

 6G10 - 6G99     Hamilton County Police Chaplins

 6H10 - 6H99     Hamilton County Probation Officers and Home Incarceration Units
 6H31 - 6H32     Ohio State Parole Officers

 6J10 - 6J99     Hamilton County Juvenile

 6K10 - 6K99     Hamilton County S.P.C.A. Units

 6N10 - 6N99     Page Assignments

 6P10 - 6P99     Hamilton County Arson Investigators

 6R10 - 6R99     R.E.N.U.

 6S10 - 6S99     Hamilton County Communications

 6U90 - 6U91     Sheriff's Office Ohio River Patrol Boats

 6W10 - 6W99     Hamilton County Welfare Office

 6X10 - 6X99     Traffic Division, Parks Department

 6Z10 - 6Z99     Vans (SWAT Teams)


 9A10 - 9A99     Administration
 9A90            Sheriff Simon Leis
 9A80 - 9A84     Lieutenants

 9CXX            Civil Division

 9DXX            Detective Division
 9D10 - 9D49     Patrol Detectives
 9D50 - 9D89     R.E.N.U. Units
 9D90 - 9D94     Violent Crimes Taskforce Units (note: all city officers)

 9EXX            East Side Float Units (Columbia, Sycamore and Symmes Twps.)
 9E70            East Side Transport Units
 9E80 - 9E82     East Side Sgt's (dist 3)

 9FXX            Columbia Township Contract Cars

 9GXX            Fugitive Warrants Units/Court Bailiffs

 9H10 - 9H11     Helicopters

 9JXX            Juvenile Division

 9KXX            Justice Center Transportation Units

 9L11 - 9L16     Colerain Twp. Patrols

 9NXX            Anderson Township Cars (District 5)
 9N80 - 9N82     Anderson Township Sgt's

 9PXX            Symmes Township Contract Cars

 9P51            HQ's Deputy

 9R11 - 9R16     Green Twp. Patrols

 9SXX            Sycamore Township Contract Cars

 9TXX            Traffic Division

 9UXX            Anderson Twp. Specials

 9V11 - 9V31     Miami Township/North Bend Contract Car (Western Sector)
 9V23            Harrison Township Contract Car

 9WXX            Road Patrol (Western Sector)

 9W80 - 9W83     HCSO West Sgt's

 9W15 - 9W17     Dayshift County West Units
 9W25 - 9W27     Second Shift West Units
 9W35 - 9W37     Third Shift West Units
 9W41            West Side K-9
 9W50, 9W60      HCSO Patrol Clerks
 9W70            West Side Transport Unit

 9XXX            Western Sector Specials

 9YXX            Colerain Twp./Springfield Twp. Specials

 9ZXX            Northern Hills Specials

All alphabetical designators uses the following standard APCO Phonetic Alphabet.

                                          A - ADAM                           N - NORA

                                          B - BOY                                O - OCEAN

                                          C - CHARLES                      P - PAUL

                                          D - DAVID                          Q - QUEEN

                                          E - EDWARD                      R - ROBERT

                                          F - FRANK                          S - SAM

                                          G - GEORGE                      T - TOM

                                          H - HENRY                        U - UNION

                                          I - IDA                                V - VICTOR

                                          J - JOHN                            W - WILLIAM

                                          K - KING                           X - X-RAY

                                          L - LINCOLN                    Y - YOUNG

                                          M - MARY                        Z - ZEBRA

The third (N2), and fourth (N3) characters of the county radio system's unit designators will be used differently for the Police and Fire Services, the Police Service is as follows:


(N2)                   1 - 3 Beat

                           4 Canine

                           5 Traffic

                           6 Unmarked

                           7 Detective

                           8 Sergeant

                           9 Chief

(N3)                  Car(s) with given beats (1 - 9)

NOTE:               1st Shift Units are always in teens, ie: 9R11, 12, 13, etc.

                          2nd Shift Units are always twenties, ie: 9R21, 22, 23, etc.

                          3rd Shift Units are always thirties, ie: 9R31, 32, 33, etc.


AGENCY                 UNIT NUMBER        DISPATCH FREQ                CITY BAND

Addyston               8A11 - 8A99        West 460.175

Amberley Village       5J11 - 5J99        Valley 460.350               158.760

Arlington Heights      5A11 - 5A99        Central 460.400              800 MHz

Blue Ash               4B11 - 4B99        East 460.025                 800 MHz

Cheviot                8C11 - 8C99        West 460.175                 39.50

Cleves                 8V11 - 8V99        West 460.175

Colerain Twp.          9L11 - 9L99        West 460.170                 155.040/158.955

Deer Park              5D11 - 5D99        Valley 460.350               Ch. 1 158.760,
                                                                       Ch.2 158.865

Delhi Township         8D11 - 8D99        West 460.175                 37.260

Elmwood Place          7J11 - 7J99        Valley 460.350               159.150

Evendale               4E11 - 4E99        East 460.025

Fairfax                4F11 - 4F99        East 460.025                 800 MHz

Glendale               7K11 - 7K99        Central 460.400              460.150/465.150

Forest Park            8F11 - 8F99        West 460.175                 800 MHz

Golf Manor             5G11 - 5G99        Valley                       Ch. 1 158.760,
                                                                       Ch.2 158.865

Green Township         9R11 - 9R99        West 460.175                 800 MHz

Greenhills             8G11 - 8G99        West 460.175                 800 MHz

Harrison               8H11 - 8H99        West 460.175                 155.565

Indian Hill            5H11 - 5H99        Valley 460.350               158.760

Lincoln Heights        7Q11 - 7Q99        Central 460.400              800 MHz

Lockland               5L11 - 5L99        Central 460.400              Ch. 1  158.760,
                                                                       Ch. 2  159.150

Loveland               4L11 - 4L99        East 460.025                 460.4125

Maderia                4M11 - 4M99        East 460.025                 39.180

Mariemont              4R11 - 4R99        East 460.025

Milford                4D11 - 4D99        East 460.025                 39.820

Montgomery             4N11 - 4N99        East 460.025                 460.0325

Mount Healthy          8M11 - 8M99        West 460.175                 154.980/158.940

Newtown                4W11 - 4W99        East 460.025                 462.650

North College Hill     8N11 - 8N99        West 460.175                 155.7375

Norwood                7N11 - 7N99                                     460.075/465.075

Reading                5C11 - 5C99        Valley 460.350               Ch.1 158.760,
                                                                       Ch.2 158.865

Saint Bernard          7R11 - 7R99        Valley 460.350               158.760

Sharonville            4S11 - 4S99        Central 460.400              800 MHz

Silverton              5V11 - 5V99        Valley 460.350               Ch.1 158.760/153.860
                                                                       Ch. 2 155.820

Springdale             8P11 - 8P99        Central 460.400              39.820, 800 MHz

Springfield Twp.       8E11 - 8E99        Central 460.400              800 MHz

Terrace Park           4T11 - 4T99        East 460.025

Woodlawn               8W11 - 8W99        Central 460.400              800 MHz

Wyoming                7Y11 - 7Y99        Valley 460.350               Ch.1 158.760,
                                                                       Ch.2 159.135

Sharon Woods Rangers   4X11 - 4X29        Central 460.400              800 MHz

Shawnee Woods Rangers  8X51 - 8X69        West 460.175                 800 MHz

Whitewater Rangers     8X31 - 8X49        West 460.175                 800 MHz

Winton Woods Rangers   8X11 - 8X29        Central 460.400              800 MHz

Woodland Mound Rangers 4X31 - 4X49        East 460.025                 800 MHz

NOTE:     Sharon Woods Rangers also cover Lake Isabella, Shawnee Woods
          Rangers also cover Emshoff Park and Mitchell Forest.

          Several departments in Hamilton County are leasing time on two
          800 MHz MobileCom owned SMR systems.


(used by most Hamilton County agencies, including Cincinnati)

1  Call  Your Station                            28  Bank  Run

2  Respond  to  your  Station                    29  Animal  complaint
                                                     (state  nature:  injured, running )
3  Auto  Accident                                30 (T)  Traffic hit on "Q" request

4  Investigate                                   30 (M)  Misdemeanor hit on "Q" request
   (fire, burning, smoke, etc.)
5  Person down, or intoxicated                   30 (F)  Felony hit on "Q" request

6  Investigate hold up alarm                     31  Holding Adult Shoplifter

7  Investigate burglar alarm                     32  Holding Juvenile

8  See Complainnant                              33  On special detail

9  Investigate (cutting/shooting)                35  Arrived on scene

10 Fight in progress                             38  Wrecker request

11 Prowlers                                      39  Transportation of a female subject

12 Car in violation                              44  Answer by radio with location

13 Investigate unknown trouble                   50  Bomb threat

14 Investigate suspicious person(s)              52  Message assignment your station/district

15 Investigate car and occupants                 55  Call Communications Center by phone

16 Investigate person w/gun/knife                66  Bank hold up alarm

17 Disorderly crowd                              77  Telephone recorded alarm

18 Person injured                                87  Investigate place found open

19 Meet Policeman                                88  Quadrant  cancelled - subject still at large 

20 Juvenile complaint                            89  Quadrant  cancelled - subject apprehended

21 Prisoner (adult/juvenile/female)              99  Trouble on station (followed by location)

22 Sick person                                   100  Pigeon drop

23 Investigate  person  in  building

24 Traffic tie-up/hazard (state nature of hazard)

25 Investigate (followed by nature of the offense)

26 In service

27 Out of service


0         No available cars

1         Computer disabled

2         Urgent - do not use lights or sirens

3         EMERGENCY - use red lights and sirens

4         DISREGARD - no further assistance needed

5         Officer needs assistance

6         Out of car to investigate

7         Out of service to eat

8         This unit in service enroute to Rollman's Hospital

9         This unit in service enroute with mental subject

(Used by non-contracted departments operating on "Valley Band" 460.350/465.350, and 158.760)

1           Emergency                                   5        Officer needs assistance

2           Urgent, no lights or siren                  6         Investigation

3           Routine call                                7        Out of service to eat

4           No further assistance needed                8        Disregard call

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